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About Dental Sealants

Since brushing and flossing are not designed to reach every tooth far in the back of the mouth, teeth sealants are an preventative way to proactively gain protection against decay and infection. Made with plastic that is thin and flexible, dental sealants are secured to the chewing surface of the molars and premolars. Once secured on the tooth, sealants create a barrier from plaque and bacteria from reaching the tooth. People who have dental sealants don't sense the sealants once in place. Our dentists at Waterside Dental Care can help Richmond, TX patient's teeth to be safely guarded from bacteria, plaque, and decay.

What to Expect

Putting sealants on top of the teeth at Waterside Dental Care is a quick and simple treatment that is done without any type of sedation. Before the sealants are placed into position, the teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to make certain that tarter, plaque, and bacteria are not being sealed inside the tooth. Once this is done, the tooth will be lightly molded and shaped to where the sealant will go, then rinsed and dried. Once the tooth is ready, our dentists will place the sealant over the tooth and use a unique light to harden the sealant. Our dentists will test to confirm the sealant is hardened.

Treatment Aftercare

With proper care, including thorough oral care and bi-annual check ups at Waterside Dental Care with our dentists, teeth sealants can last up to for years. Our dentists will check the wear of the sealants at every dental exam. Patients will be kept up to date as to whether they may need to be replaced. Patients should consistently brush their teeth twice a day, as well as guard them by not grating their teeth and limiting sticky candy. While sealants are considered for younger patients, some patients over 20 may get sealants if they worry about getting cavities.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance providers usually cover the bill for dental sealants for younger patients, but some cover older patients as well. Waterside Dental Care's insurance coordinators will check with the patient's insurance policy to get the exact coverage available. If the benefits plan does not cover costs for teeth sealants our dentists are happy to discuss acceptable payment options. Something to remember is that the cost of sealants is generally less costly than a filling or other dental treatment.

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Delay Decay

Anyone can benefit from the help of dental sealants. They protect the molars with a quick procedure. To prevent cavities or other serious issues, dental sealants may be a great option for people who prefer better dental check-ups with our dentists at Waterside Dental Care in Richmond, TX. Although they can't be, sealants combined with a regular home oral routine can give you a better and healthier smile.

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